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BABY Pink Gin is Australia's only 100% female owned spirits company. We strive to support other Australian female founded businesses whenever and whereever we can. Hence why we're hosting Female Founders Festival, for all of our felow local female founders to come together to sell product, be discovered, learn from eachother and meet their customers.

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Can I Bring My Dog?

Yes! The Commons is a dog friendly venue, just make sure that your dog is kept on lead and under control, and isn't tempted by the fake grass inside!

How Do I Get There?

FFF is being hosted by The Commons at 36-38 Gipps Street, Collingwood. However entry to this event will be via their back entrence in Singleton Street. There will be ample direction signage around the area.

How Do I Pay?

Each exhibitor, food and beverage provider and brand will have their own square readers. FFF is a cashless event, and there are no ATMs near by.

Will There Be Food & Drinks?

Yes! From 10am onwards coffee and food will be avaliabe to purchase. After 12, cocktails will be poured, with a selection of gin, wine and beer.

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